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WebstersOnLine.com is a user's free leading online business to business search engine / directory accessible worldwide at www.webstersonline.com, www.webdir.net or www.siccodes.us. Currently, WOL attracts over 30 million visits mostly by procurement or buying agents a year and growing. WOL is highly advertised and has links and banners in over 1500 major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. We also attract users / buyers by direct marketing efforts and word of mouth. WebstersOnLine.com is used daily to transact business.

What does WOL search engine / directory contains?

  • Over 1,000,000 industrial and commercial products, services and brand names. Businesses are listed with their complete company profile, which includes address, toll-free numbers, fax number, SIC Codes, NAICS Codes, products, brand names and hyperlink to their Web-Site. Information is always current and constantly updated.

  • New!! Company listings may also have their logo, products images and their descriptions,  About the company, custom products, capabilities and catalog imformation located alongside with their listing.

  • Up-to-date one-step powerful fast search for products, services, trade and by brand name. Information is always current and is at your fingertips.

  • Categorized Industrial Directory by SIC Codes. Users / Buyers do not have to know SIC Code structure or SIC number to find products or services they require.

  • Searchable by SIC codes (Federal Standard Industrial Classification Codes) and NAICS Codes (North American Industrial Classification system).

  • Buyers and procurement professionals can request for quotes and/or additional information from numerous companies in one single action by using our system.

  • Sophisticated and fast search engine makes finding information very easy.

What you get when you are advertised and listed at Websters Online?

  1. Enhanced First Page E-commerce Ad Listing guaranteed so that you are not one of those submerged in 100,000 pages unlike other search engines. New!! Your are now able to upload your company Logo, About, Product images and descriptions, Catalog and much more.

  2. Hyperlink to your Home Page - Easy and quick access directly from our website to your Web-Site instantly at a click and link to your e-mail.

  3. Inclusion in Industrial Directory by SIC Codes - You will be included in our SIC Code Industrial Directory for up to 5 categories.

  4. Exposure to over 30 million visits, including buyers' from larger corporation use our directory on a regular basis to solicit trade inquires. We make sure to direct some of our visitors to you and your website.

  5. Visibility and advertising value - Buyers will find you listed by just entering a product name, SIC & NAICS codes, they don't have to know your company name to find you.

  6. Sales leads or quotes - E-Quotes from Potential buyers using our feature.

  7. Access report - We monitor all the activity to your listing and on request will provide you with an access report for your e-commerce Ad listing every month free of charge for all registered members.

  8. Worldwide access - means local and international markets are open to you and potential buyers locally and from other countries will seek your products.

  9. Most current information - You can directly update your listing information and control your listing, thereby making sure that the current info is available to potential buyers.

  10. User friendly - Search by company, products, Sic Codes and NAICS codes with ease.

The current cost for guaranteed preferential first or second page e-commerce ad listing with 25 products or keywords is $56.90 a month or $682.80 a year payable in 30 days or use your Visa / Master Card to pay monthly. Minimum contract period is one year. Auto-renewal. 60 days prior cancellation notice is required.
For complete current price list and contract, please click here.

To sign-up please click at this link http://www.webstersonline.com/join.asp or you may contact us at 1-800-316.2363 or by e-mail at sales@webstersonline.com

Webstersonline.com is popular and an important business tool connecting buyers to sellers. We at Websters are committed to excellence!!!

We send customers to your doorstep

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